Inspiration: Sesame Street

Image courtesy of Design Mom via Kottke

Image courtesy of Design Mom via Kottke

Design Mom posted yesterday about the image above.  It is a picture of the original Sesame Street cast from Season 1.  I know it’s a children’s show, but I grew up watching Sesame Street and continue to enjoy it with my own children.  There is so much inspiration to be found on Sesame Street – in the sweet tales of friendship, the original songs, the quirky characters.

But the photo above really spoke to me after I gazed upon it for the 4th time.  For it was only after the 4th time I viewed it that I noticed the puppeteers at the bottom.  There they are, in plain view, and it took 4 views before I saw their arms reaching up into the puppets they control.

That 4th viewing, when the entire picture came into focus for me, was when the magic set in, like an invisible wand had been waved above my head.  What a testament to the world created by Jim Hensen and those damn cute Muppets.  Sesame Street is so real, so solid, that even when the magicians behind the curtains are in full view, my eyes scanned right over them instead resting upon the characters I know so well.

I love everyday magic.  Not slight of hand or card tricks or disappearing acts type magic.  I’m talking about the magic that is so quiet, so ordinary, that it doesn’t seem like magic at all.  Only when glimpsed by accident, perhaps out of the corner of our eye as we turn away, do we realize it was even there.

Thank you Jim Henson for a moment of pure magic!

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